JMC Sportsbook NCAA Top 10 (update)

March Madness has arrived, its the time of year everyone misses half of their work schedule to watch their favorite alumni s Duke it out on the Unofficial Holiday Week we call "March Madness". The NCAA  tournament has been going strong for over 73 years. College town is buzzing and you; yes you will be filling out your favorite bracket for the NCAA tournament.

March Madness brings out the best in all of us, ESPN will once again supply the President of the United States Barack Obama with a white board and marker to help celebrate the fun of the NCAA Tournament with fellow citizens.

This year JMC Sportsbook has included a early look at the NCAA Tournament ranking our current top 10 teams to win it all in New Orleans LA.

Our Resume in 2008 JMC Sportsbook ranked finish 1st out of 500 in our participating tournament group. JMC Sportsbook 2008 NCAA Tournament bracket ranked in the top 99% overall on Yahoo!

The best thing about March Madness and NCAA Basketball is that you never know who will be wearing Cinderella's slipper. Mid-Majors have made great strides over the past couple of years and with the new 68 team tournament introduced last season more Mid-Majors have the opportunity to upset the Kentucky's, North Carolina's and Duke's of the NCAA. 

Please list your comments below in the comment section as we want to see everyone's opinion on our current Top 10 picks and don't forget to add us on Twitter, Facebook or Google + @JMCSPORTSBOOK!/JMCSPORTSBOOK...

NCAA JMC Sportsbook Top 10

1.) Kentucky- A. Davis 14.13 pts, A. Davis 9.80 rebs, M. Teague 4.73 ast (video)

2.)  North Carolina- H. Barnes 18.0 pts, J. Henson 10.4 rebs, K. Marshall 9.8 ast

3.) Kansas- T. Robinson 17.77 pts, T. Robinson 11.83 rebs, T. Taylor 4.93 ast

4.) Michigan St.- D. Green 16.07 pts, D. Green 10.13 rebs, K. Appling 3.83 ast (Video)

5.) Syracuse- K. Joseph 14.20 pts, F. Melo 5.67 rebs, S. Jardine 5.00 ast

6.) Witchita St-  G. Stutz 14.07 pts, G. Stutz 7.97, J. Ragland 3.38 ast

7.)  Duke- A. Rivers 15.2 pts, M. Plumlee 9.5 rebs, S. Curry 2.5 ast (video)

8.) Missouri- M. Denmon 17.97 pts, R. Raliffe 7.20 rebs, P. Pressey 6.10 ast

9.) Michigan- T. Hardaway Jr. 14.50 pts, J. Morgan 5.67 rebs, T. Burke 4.77 ast

10.) Belmont- K. Johnson 14.13 pts, M. Hedgepeth 5.66 rebs, K. Johnson 5.23 ast (video)

Top 10 Bubble: Tennessee, Indiana, Ohio St, Notre Dame, Iowa St.

Top 10 dropout: Ohio St., Murray St., Marquette, Temple, Florida

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