Kansas Teen shoot perfect free throws while residing in a 100 day coma. 

"Teen basketball star Maggie Meier had perfect free-throw form, even when she was in a coma.
In the fall of her freshman year of high school, Meier got meningitis, a bacterial infection that spurred swelling in her brain and sparked terrifying seizures in the healthy student athlete.
"I'll never forget it," said Meier's mom, Margaret, a pediatric intensive care unit nurse. "Her eyes rolled back, and I knew what was happening. It was terrifying." By KATIE MOISSE | Good Morning America
To Maggies family this was horrifying watching a healthy young gifted teenager take a turn for the worst. For Magaret, Maggies mother this had to be a terrifying event.  Imagine your little one being affected by a helpless medical condition. 
"Seeing her every day, not getting any better, it was horrible," Margaret said, detailing the tubes that delivered nourishment and life-saving medications to her unresponsive daughter. "But she would do things that would make us know she was still there." By KATIE MOISSE | Good Morning America
Maggies sister would visit everyday standing as a goal post arms extended wide forming a open circle imitating a rim for Maggie to shoot. It was as if Maggie had engraved the love of basketball into her brain locked into a state that could not be touched. Maggies free throws were automatic and the neurologists were stunned. 
"Although Meier couldn't talk or walk in her trancelike state, she could still shoot hoops."                                     Meier's neurologist, Dr. William Graf, said he'd never seen anything like it.
"It was just incredible," said Graf, now a professor of pediatrics and neurology at Yale University in New Haven, Conn. "She couldn't walk or eat, had no basic functions, but still had this perfect shooting motion. It was engrained."Meier's neurologist, Dr. William Graf, said he'd never seen anything like it."By KATIE MOISSE | Good Morning America
Maggies Good Morning America story is more than just about sports its about the gift of life. Sports is more than just some round or oblong shaped piece of pigskin being tossed around by athletes its a form of medicine for the body. It's healing for the soul, it's gods masterpiece in motion. A honor to the creator of man.  While in a coma Maggie was able to use her  arms, legs, hands, fingers, and  brain working them together like a well tuned orchestra for the body.  Maggie shooting free throws was a sign to her mother Margaret that God had intervened.

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