NBA All-Star Weekend community projects thrill residents - Central Florida News 13

Baumann: One of the special parts about All-Star Weekend here in Orlando is the NBA Cares where NBA players get into the community and make a difference. New York Knicks guards Landry Fields and Jeremy Lin picked up their tools and got to work here in Tangelo Park.

Landry Fields, New York Knicks guard: It means a lot. We're so blessed with what we do so the opportunity to give back is something we should take advantage of and when it's there for the taking, do it.

Baumann: Did you get to meet Betty, the owner of this home? 8 boys she has.

Fields: I did, I met the entire family. They have a great family and they're very well deserving of all of this.

Betty McGuire, Tangelo Park resident: It's like a miracle. The only thing I can say is God is good.

Baumann: What's new here Betty, what is different than say, five hours ago?

McGuire: The whole house! Inside and out, it's nice, I feel like I'm moving into a brand new house.

Baumann: How do you put this into perspective? With a whirlwind weekend and all the basketball and events, then to actually effect the lives of people like this?

Fields: It really puts things into perspective. It's all fun for All-Star Weekend to come and do something like this, then to give back, it even adds to the excitement of the weekend.

Baumann: It's been a very busy day for Jeremy Lin and his Rising Stars teammates. They put on quite a show for adoring fans at the Rising Stars practice earlier today at the convention center. Then, they came to Tangelo Park and made new fans, by improving the community.

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25 Feb, 2012

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