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With the All-Star break upon us, teams start to look ahead to the trade deadline.

We are at the half-way point of the NBA season and that means that the trade machine is just about to rev up. With the March 15th trade deadline fast approaching, teams will be working the phones hard in the coming weeks to make the best deal they can for their team. While the shortened season and new CBA and the shortened season may scare off some trades, expect a flurry of last minute moves to be made once a certain center from Orlando is dealt with. Below is a breakdown of the most important piece in the trade market as well as some potential rumors.


The Linchpin

Dwight Howard, Orlando Magic

It is heavily thought that the trade deadline flurry will not begin until the Orlando Magic decide what they are goint to do with Dwight Howard. Howard, the best center in the game, is a free agent after this season and by all actions and reports, won't be returning to Orlando however they might wish it. With that tough reality in mind, it is becoming increasingly obvious that the Magic will trade Howard, the only question being, to whom and for how much.

Howard is such a huge piece that it may require multiple teams to make the Magic happy with their return for the big man, which is why the majority of teams will remain in a holding pattern until a deal happens.



  • The Chicago Bulls are reportedly interested in a potential trade for Lakers big man Pau Gasol. The Bulls are said to be offering Carlos Boozer and another player for the former All-Star. This move has already been given approval by Chicago star Derrick Rose, according to sources, though he has come out and denied it publicly. Whether or not this deal goes down, expect some movement of Gasol. He is the Lakers only viable trade piece at this time.

  • It is being reported that Atlanta Hawks forward Marvin Williams wants out of Atlanta. Williams, who has struggled as of late, wants a bigger role on the offensive end and isn't happy with his current role. Publicly, Williams is denying this rumor.

  • The Golden State Warriors are being said to be in serious want of making a deadline deal. While nothing concrete has been said, don't be shocked if Monte Ellis's name gets thrown around a lot in the coming weeks. He was heavily dangled during last seasons deadline.

  • The Cleveland Cavaliers may be looking to move along their rebuilding efforts by potentially trading Ramon Sessions, Antawn Jamison and possibly Anderson Varejao before the deadline. If they can acquire picks in this upcoming deep draft, then you would imagine one,if not all, of these players moving.




24 Feb, 2012

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