Animadoras de los Sacramento Kings enseñando el Culito

Cuatro alegres animadoras de los Sacramento Kings enseñando las pompis despues de una buena borrachera.

Photos like these always make me a little sad, because the sexy young women who serve on our nation's dance teams and cheerleading squads should be free — nay, encouraged! — to go out at night and drink a lot, pretend to be lesbians, and pull up their skirts, bend over, and show off the G-strings stretched over their well-muscled asses. And to take pictures of it all, of course. The thing is, if I help distribute these photos to the masses, then the fun dancers might get kicked off the squad and/or stop sharing their sexy photos, which could lead to a world in which naughty cheerleaders are restricted to fictional porn fantasies. But then if I don't share the pictures then nobody gets to enjoy them, and what's the point of that? Catch-22, my friends.

Anyway, this Photobucket album (via Don Chavez) has Kings dancer Summer out and about with some of her friends from the dance team. Obviously, there's some turnover from year to year on every dance team, so it's sometimes tough to tell who's on the team now and who's just a hot friend, but careful comparing of the Photobucket images to this year's team shows — as far as I can tell — that Summer spends time out and about with Becca, Candace, Camille, Carly, Katie, and Krystal.

So please, Kings officials, don't suspend or fire any of these girls. They're just out having a little fun, and there's nothing wrong with that. Wait, what's that? The Maloof brothers own the Kings? Oh. Then I guess there's nothing to worry about.

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