Sarah Palin Hairstyle

Sarah Palin, the Republican Vice President candidate, is squashing all barriers in attempting to become the first female Vice President of America. Let’s get down to what is really important HAIR. This former beauty queen definitely has the twist up-do to a tee. She is a cross between school teacher innocense and romantic coworker. Unfortunatley, after scouring the web for more Palin hair styles, they are all the same! I really think she needs to let her hair down just a tad. In honor of the closing of the Republic Convention, check out the very and I mean very limited scope of Sarah Palin’s hair.

I loved Sarah Palin’s hair style! I loved the way she dressed and I think she clearly showed a poised confidence to be proud of. She spoke eloquently and pointedly. I admired her but don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t care to be her. The type of juggling involved in her day to day schedule gives me the willies!I found that there are plenty of wolves out there on the net, flinging their distaste for you all..

BY : Lupus

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