Hairstyles For Black Men - Going Short

The current trend is short hair and there are several ways of wearing it. The best part about having short hair is the ability to wash and go. Of course, some short styles still require a little help. Two of the newer styles have been taken from dread locks and the afro.

Short Dreads
This hair style is exactly what it sounds like. No more long dread locks that appear messy after a short time. Now there are dreads that cover the head without losing sight of the face. This is a great look for the fun loving guy who knows what he wants and he wants some style!

The Contained Afro
The afro that harmonizes with personality and class. It is just a short afro - well maintained.

The Smooth Operator
Go bald purposefully and attractively. When it suits you, bald is very good.

Simple Short Hair can be sexy.
Case in point: Will Smith

The Barely-There Hair
Very short hair style for those who don't want to go smooth but are looking for something low maintenance. It is stylish and sophisticated without pretense.

The Creative Cornrow
Stylists are artists. The eclectic uses of hair as art design make for a great hairstyle. The design may be simple or intricate. Either way, it works!

What Not To Do:

Long afros - This look came again and left already - but yes, there are exceptions. Some men can wear the afro and not remind everyone of the 70's. I mean 90's ... Well, you get what I mean.

The hi (box) top - Another style from the 90's. It belongs there!

Process Hair - For the most part, you really should leave this to women or older men - like Al Sharpton.

All kidding aside, it is true that whatever hairstyle is out there (even the craziest) there is someone who manages to wear it well. The most important consideration is what you want from your hairstyle. Is low maintenance attractive to you? Maybe you don't mind spending time on your hair when you look so good when you're finished.

Are you black? Possible model for your hair type of black leather that fits with what I mentioned it in the image preview and please ok ..

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