Smoothing Gel - How to Smooth and Straighten Curly and Long Hairstyles

If you've been looking for how to straighten curly and long hairstyles, using a smoothing gel might be your answer. Smoothing gels help straighten curly or frizzy hair while adding soft control and volume.

Designed to straighten hair, smoothing gels generally have a combination of smoothing for frizz and damage as well as thickening agents to improve fullness and body.

Straightening Curly Hair

As a hair products manufacturer, we are asked by customers daily how to straighten curly hair and smooth frizziness. Flat irons, color treatments, ad perms depleted hair of protein structure and moisture. The result is hair that lacks body, is prone to frizz and damage, and lacks elasticity and bonding to keep hair straight. Our recommendation is to use a smoothing and thickening gel (styling aid) to reduce waves and curls and gently straighten.

Smoothing gels were developed for curly or frizzy hair that needs to be smoothed and still have fullness and body. Applied to wet hair, they use advanced hair care formulation with copolymers, natural glycerides and gentle parabens that relax protein bonds and reposition for straightened hair and reduced frizz.

Long and curly hairstyles in particular gain significant benefits in that both are prone to breaking and roughness. Smoothing helps reduce damage while improving styling. Natural polymers coat the follicle shaft increasing smoothness and receptivity to combing and brushing - lowering static while providing manageable texture and volume.

Long hairstyles require moisture and volumizing due to the weight of the hair leaving it flat and lifeless. Light-weight volume can be infused into the follicle shaft offering "just enough" volume without giving-up up control or style.

Hairstyles for Fine Straight Hair

Smoothing and volumizing gels are especially beneficial for fine straight hairstyles. Often plagued with lack of body and "control-ability", fine hair is often limp and lifeless - laying flat to the head and lacking style. Smoothing gels not only protect the straightness, but infuse topical moisture to add body without weighing down. Texture, structure and dimension are added to allow for increased flexibility and control.

If you're looking for solutions on how to straighten long and curly hairstyles, a smoothing and volumizing gel can help tremendously. Developed with advanced polymers for healthy hair, you gain smoothness and volume for beautiful, straight hair.

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