Graying of Hair

Over the centuries the subject of graying of hair has been debated and never fully agreed upon. The process of graying hair doesn’t have a definitive cause determined but there has been some advancement in finding the root of the problem. Although graying hair remains a natural part of the aging process unless the lack of pigmentation is caused by an underlying medical condition.

Causes of Graying Hair

Everyone’s head has cells at the base of the hairs that determine the amount of pigment produced. These cells begin to malfunction over time and they nearly shut down completely in the end. The hair starts to grow as grey instead of the natural color when this malfunction occurs. Grey hair has some pigment left which is a common factor, but it isn’t the same amount of pigment found in the natural color.

You can’t stop the graying of the hair, all the years of research have made this certain since they have looked into the effort to stop the effects of aging. Although not everyone will experience the graying process at the same time. Most won’t see this process until the age of sixty, but it can occur as early as thirty in some individuals. Researchers believe the genetic makeup of a person has a lot to do with when the pigmentation is lost for a person. You can judge how soon you will grey fairly well by observing the time frame of your parents although this isn’t always accurate. Since you are a mixture of the two you can’t accurately judge in this way, but you will get a general idea of the time period for when you will lose the pigmentation in your hair.

Symptoms of Graying of Hair

Graying of the hair can be caused by certain medical conditions. Although these present in less than one percent of the population they do exist, they are just extremely rare. The appearance that one goes grey overnight is caused by a condition. This condition is a bit of fact and fiction. While the loss of pigmentation can be increased with this condition, it is not an overnight process.

The disease that gives the impression of overnight pigment hair loss is alopecia areata. The lack of regular thicker hair being allowed to grow is the main symptoms of this disease. The thinner, grey hairs have a chance to grow faster than normal. Although not overnight the transformation is quick.

Diagnosis for Graying of Hair

Graying of the hair has several facts and myths that people subscribe to regularly and some of them should be ignored. One such myth is that if you pull out a grey hair ten more will grow. Nothing could be further from the truth according to medical professionals. One hair grows back in place of one hair that is pulled out. Whether or not their hair that returns is grey is another matter. The condition of the cells in your scalp will determine this and whether they have enough pigment to produce natural color or not.

Graying of the hair that is caused by stress would be another. This myth is not true. While there are several physical manifestations of stress, graying of the hair isn’t one of them. Graying of the hair is nothing more than a natural part of the aging process aside from a few certain medical conditions.

Treatment for Graying of Hair

There are only a few alternatives for those who are worried about graying of hair. You can consider dying your hair for one thing with many products available on the market. Although you should remember that is takes longer to dye grey hair than regularly pigmented hair. You should leave the dye on for the maximum amount of time as specified in the instructions. People also believe in several home remedies to reverse the graying of hair process. These can’t be backed up by any medical facts so you should use caution before purchasing anything with this claim.

With age, hair follicles gradually die, leading to reduction in the number of hair follicles as well as the melanin pigment content. Fewer pigment cells in a hair follicle means that strand of hair will no longer contain as much melanin and will become a more transparent color – like gray, silver, or white. Continuous loss of hair follicles leads to complete graying of hairs.

Graying of hair is not always related to age, however. It has often been noticed that some people have gray hair at a very young age. The reason for it may be attributed to genes in which the number of hair follicles in the root is less. Hence, melanin pigment is produced in a lesser amount. Added to it there are some conditions in which premature graying of hair takes place- thyroid disorders, deficiency of vitamin B12 or lack of absorption of it by the body due to stomach disorders, vitiligo; a condition in which skin starts losing melanocytes early. Even smoking is known to cause premature hair loss and graying of hair.

Though there are no concrete proofs to suggest any hair loss remedy or gray hair treatment, it is widely believed that herbal products are very effective in restricting graying of hair by increasing the life of hair follicles and promoting melanocytes to secrete melanin for a longer duration. Also, numerous hair loss doctors have been advocating the use of herbal products for gray hair treatment.

Brahmi, a north Indian herb for hair grows in the Brahmi plateau some 14000 feet above sea level. It takes around five years for the herb to mature and is known to promote hair growth and retain hair follicles and pigment cells. It encourages natural oil production in the scalp, thus preventing premature graying of hair.

Shikakai, another powerful herb for hair is found in south India and is also termed as the south Brahmi. It contains 100 times more vitamin C than a grapefruit. It detoxifies the blood in the scalp and stimulates hair growth while enriching the thickness of the hair. Also, it contains numerous anti-oxidants like Vitamin A, D, E and K that encourage healthy hair growth and prevent graying of hair.

The advocates of Ayurveda in India also advise a herb called Bringaraja or ‘The King Of Hair’, to prevent gray hair. It is taken by mouth to strengthen the liver and kidneys and overall, to improve the blood circulation in the hair. It also forms part of the ayurvedic tonics which are applied to the scalp.

If you want to reduce graying of your hair or to prevent it completely, opt for the herbal products and follow them regularly to allow your hair to grow back in its natural color.

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