Shag Hairstyles Changed The World

todays trendy lifestyles we all try to keep up. This is much easier said then done. I could not beleive what I found when researching the trends in todays hairstyles. Does not matter if you have short hair, long hair, thin hair, fine hair, curly hair or if you are balding.

Trendy hairstyles have been around since the cave men days. You say they all looked alike? Well take a closer look. Cave men did not have what we have today when thinking in terms of tools. We have many more options with our hair just because of that fact.

The world today has evolved with shag hairstyles. Take ashley simpson for example with her new medium shag hairstyle. Her celebrity status keeps her in the lime light and using her creativity and staying with todays trends she found the right look for her.

You can stand alone at the top just like ashley simpson. With any type of hair shag it out and reach celebrity status. Remember austin powers? He was shagadelic with his bushy shag hair. This is just another style that is very popular.

Beauty and the beast. The beast is your hair and you are the beauty. You can tackle that beast on the top of your head and blend it to yourself to unleash the real beauty and the beast. Sally hershberger is famous for her modern day shag look.

Many people today see something different and it terrifies them to think of what they might look like. But what really terrifies them is change. This is something that I can relate to very well. Change is the only sure thing that we can count on in todays society. So why not move with the groove and stand out like ashley simpson and sally hershberger.

If celebrities are willing to take a chance knowing that public opinion is huge to their success. Then so can we. The rut we live in with our old fashioned hairstlye is the same rut that nobody notices. I say we take a stand. Make a change that will prove to be very beneficial. You may not achieve celebrity status with the change you make. But your status will rise from that rut and you will get noticed. What have you got to lose? Absolutely nothing.

Do not be left behind in todays ever so changing trends for hairstyles. Be the one to make a stand and rist to the top. Go to the coffee shop with your new shag hairstyle and answer the many questions about how you did it.

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