All Star Weekend LeBron James still Don't Understand-

     Remember the days when everyone couldn't wait until NBA All Star Saturday. Watching your favorite players like Dr. J,  Dominique Wilkins, Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Shawn Kemp, Kobe Bryant, Vince Carter, Dwight Howard and Blake Girffin lace their shoes and perform Air- o- nomics. The dunk contest was the most anticipated moment of the All Star weekend. Fans packed the stadium to see their favorite players do things with the basketball they would never see during a regulated basketball game. The competition was a gift from the players to the fans.

     Michael Jordan and others participated in the dunk contest because All Star weekend was about giving the fans what they wanted to see. Vince Carter knew how important it was to continue the tradition, he knew every great player at his position had won a slam dunk contest. Shawn Kemp knew fans wanted to see the "Reign Man" perform to his athletic potential. Kobe Bryant understand in order to be the best and be loved by the fans who supported him he owed a debt of gratitude to participate in the dunk contest. Dominique Wilkins was well aware of what it meant to compete against Michael Jordan in a "No Holds Barred" dunk competition in front of the fans. The All Star dunk contest was a measuring stick of greatness in the eye's of the fans.

Listening to LeBron James make excuses for not competing in front of the fans in the dunk contest made me feel a little rejected. Doesn't LeBron James understand All Star weekend is about giving the fans what they want to see? His comments were selfish, while babbling about not competing a reporter asked LeBron "would he compete in the dunk contest for $50 million? LeBron's response: "I would consider it".

When asked if he would simply compete in the contest he said "no, I am a in game dunker" So LeBron will consider dunking for $50 million but won't consider simply competing for the fans? Normally I wouldn't care but too hear "King James' make that quote made me think of all the players who were generous enough to give the fans around the world some of the best "All Star Dunk" moments. Cheers to the NBA players who understood All Star weekend was about the fans...

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