Miami Heat: LeBron James no substance just talent!

LeBron James arguably the most talented athlete the NBA has ever offered. LeBron's ability to jump, shoot, run, stop and pop, soar for a dunk and block a shot is unreal. A player of LeBron's natural talent comes around once every 20 years. Favorable comparisons with the likes of Oscar Robinson, and Magic Johnson is once in a lifetime event.

The truth about LeBron is the sports world loves him, he is the NBA's Golden Son born to fly and win championships but something is missing. Lebron's actions leave many fans and sports media supporters feeling disappointed. Disappointed because we appreciate King James, we have mass aberration for the Kings talents. The problem is our expectations of King Jame was so high that many of us feel disappointed when a player of his talents fails to win a Championship, losing twice in the NBA Finals, and failing to hit key game winning shots.

Watching the 2012 NBA All Star in Orlando Florida, I now believe the fans and media reporters believe more in LeBron than King James believes in himself. (Exhibit A) NBA fans believed LeBron talents could take the Cleveland Cavaliers to the NBA Finals and LeBron achieved that goal because he believed. NBA fans and journalist believed in 2011 that LeBron could have carried the Cavaliers to multiple NBA titles but unfortunately LeBron opted out of Cleveland signing a new contract with the Miami Heat because he stopped believing. Media outlets ESPN, and others around the world believed last year before the NBA Finals that LeBron was better than Dirk Nowitzki.but somewhere during the NBA Finals LeBron failed to believe.

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We thought LeBron wanted to be a leader, we believed LeBron was "Batman" looking for his own "Robin" to compliment him on the court. We were wrong LeBron instead aired "The Decision" choosing to become "Robin" to Dwayne Wade's "Batman". When LeBron arrived in Miami fans argued over who should take the last shot for the Miami Heat but LeBron failed in his attempts choosing not to believe.

Recently during the 2012 NBA All Star game Kobe Bryant believed LeBron was ready to give us a
 "mano a mano" moment, a one on one classic between LeBron and Kobe for an All Star game winner. Instead LeBron opted out of creating the moment throwing an errant pass, problem? (yeah you guessed it) LeBron chose not to believe. After the play the world watched Kobe snicker brushing his broken nose asking LeBron " what are you doing?" Even Kobe believed in LeBron more than LeBron believed in himself. When Kobe was whispering those words to LeBron while Carmelo and Wade watched it confirmed to us before our eyes that LeBron is missing that "it' factor". Maybe it's mental, maybe LeBron should talk to Dr. Phil.

The greatest player to ever pick up a basketball in the NBA was Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan wasn't born with the talents of LeBron James. Michael didn't have a congregational flock in High School. Michael built himself from the ground up developing the "killer instinct" of a champion. The odds were always stacked against MJ so he had to fight. (All my life I had to fight)

LeBron was born with talent unlike Michael, LeBron had a NBA style flock while playing in High School. The differences are startling LeBron has never had to fight that's why he left Cleveland. He never had to fight that's why he lost to Dirk Nowitzki in the NBA Finals.

LeBron has always been catered to that's why he misjudged the fan impact he was creating when he aired "The Decision" on ESPN. LeBrons remark "I can't believe their burning my jersey in Cleveland" showed just how out of sync an NBA star could become.

In the NBA stars are created either by high hunger or high talent. LeBron's talent breaks the meter scale the question with LeBron is does he believe, does he have that hunger to be the best or is it all just a bunch of talent with no fight. LeBron the world is waiting.

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