Rasheed Wallace to the Lakers?

Uhhh Ohhh it's NBA All Star Break time, the time of year signing and trade rumors start to surface. The 2012 season got off to a late start due to the lock-out but that it's been full of trade rumors like D. Howard wanting to play for the Nets or Chris Paul being traded to the Lakers and then to the Clippers. NBA players signing deals overseas and then returning to change the landscape of the NBA.

First Kenyon Martin returned from China to form a post "Beast" lineup of DeAndre Jordan, Blake Griffin and Kenyon Martin for the Los Angeles Clippers. Then Josh Smith who was averaging over 35 points a game in China returned to America to join forces with Jeremy Lin, Carmelo Anthony, and Amare Stoudemire. Now their are rumors buzzing that Rasheed Wallace a player who was last season playing pick up in a local gym in North Carolina is now the savior to the Lakers porous bench production.

If true this puts two of the most unstable players in NBA history (ala.. Dennis Rodman) in the same gym at the same practice on the same team. After signing Rasheed Wallace the Lakers might want to call on the services of the "Zen Master" Dr. Phil Jackson to do some Mantra before the games.  Now I don't claim to know why the Lakers are signing Rasheed Wallace because I don't but I understand what happens when you mix Ammonium Nitrate "Ron Artest" and Fuel Oil "Rasheed Wallace". Last time we saw Rasheed Wallace he was getting dunked on by Duke's Austin Rivers.  I expect the Lakers to make another move possibly a trade coming up in the coming weeks.

Special mention Wilson Chandler has been lurking around Denver and Toronto lately seeking a long term contract.

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