Bipasha Basu and Neil Mukesh to shine in ‘Freeze

Recently, they were shooting for the film in scorching heat of Bangkok. Apart from Neil Nitin Mukesh and Bipasha Basu , Rahul Dev has been cast in a negative role while Sophie Choudhry is in a supporting role.

Directed by Jehangir Surti, Freeze is a romantic thriller where Neil, a photojournalist, and Bipasha, a disco jockey, are on the run. And Sophie plays a cop in a sub-plot in the film.

Another interesting feature of the film is that Neil will be play back singing for the film to the tunes of Pritam Chakaraborty.

Neil Nitin Mukesh carries a heavy heritage on his shoulder, being the grandson of legendary singer Mukesh and son of composer Nitin Mukesh.

“I wouldn’t call myself an extremely accomplished singer. But, yes, I am much more than a bathroom singer. I carry my notes well. But having grown up on my grandfather’s songs and watched my dad struggling to get out of Mukesh’s shadows, I was scared to try my hand at singing as a career,” says Neil.

Music director Pritam has full confidence in Nitin,” I’ll listen carefully to the texture of Neil’s voice and then compose accordingly. But since he is the grandson of Mukesh and son of Nitin Mukesh, I’m sure he sings well”.

He adds,” Also, being a good actor, there would be no problem for Neil in expressing the emotions in the lyrics. I’m quite kicked to have an actor singing for me. Unlike other actors turned singers, Neil won’t be just a glamorous USP in the soundtrack. He knows what he’s doing.”

Neil Nitin Mukesh will be singing the theme song which will be like that of the James Bond movies as Freeze is of the same mood and genre.

Nearly 20 percent of the film has been shot and it is expected to hit the theatres by the end of this year.

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