New hottie in town: Amrita Rao

If you think Mumbai’s soaring temperature has anything to do with global warming, think again.

BT has found a plausible reason behind the rising mercury. It’s actress Amrita Rao who’s setting the pulses racing of all hot-blooded men in a sexilicious new avtar. Hot, sizzling and straight off the beaches of Mauritius, the actress shares her first look from Anil Kapoor’s film Shortkut. Bollywood’s sexy sirens need not lose heart, though. This girl’s not looking to steal their sex tags and insists that she’s still the girl-next-door. Excerpts from an interview with the new hottie in town:

You’re sizzling in this new avtar. What brought about the transition?

There’s no transition. It’s just a look I sport for a song in Anil Kapoor’s Shortkut. And the credit goes to Anil, Manish Malhotra who’s styled my look, and Bosco-Ceasar who’ve choreographed the song. As an actress, I’m just their canvas.

Were you apprehensive about carrying off such a look?

Not at all. I think every girl has a sensuous side. In fact, sensuality completes a woman. But for me sensuality is incomplete without a woman’s grace and dignity. As long as I am comfortable, I can carry off any look.

Is it a conscious effort to move away from your girl-next-door image?

No, nothing of that sort. It’s just that as an actress I get to play and discover many facets to my personality. And they are just extensions of who I am or I can be, but not the real me. Once the arclights turn off and I hear pack up... I’m back to being myself, a girl-next-door. I’m not interested in earning a new sexy image.

From the demure Poonam in Vivaah to the glam diva in Shortkut, you’re convincing...

Poonam was Sooraj Barjatya’s conviction and this look is Manish’s vision. As an actress, I always give every role my best. Fortunately my face can accommodate these makeovers and the rest is all God’s grace.

What’s your take on the size zero syndrome in Bollywood...

Almost everyone seems to be getting paranoid about their weight. It’s quite unfortunate since a lot of young kids try to ape such celebrities without realising the consequences. The aim should be to stay fit and healthy, and not attain a size zero.

Three big films coming up, you must be excited about 2008?

Absolutely! A village girl in Mr Shyam Benegal’s Mahadev, a glam–diva in Anil Kapoor’s Shortkut, and a medical student in Ajit Pal’s Victory, it’s like living three different lives in one year!

How come a hot single girl like you has no man in your life?

I am sure my man is pretty much on this planet and I am waiting for that beautiful moment when our journeys become one.

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