Esha deol have tough of bikini-bra

Esha Deol, like most people, always believed that being an air-hostess was an easy job.

But that was only till she got to play an airhostess herself. And that experience changed Esha’s perception for good. It was during the shoot of Kunal Shivdasani’s film Hijack — an action-thriller that also stars Shiney Ahuja — in which the sexy actress plays an airhostess that Esha realised how tough their jobs can be.

Says Esha, “For all these years, I thought an airhostess is only an attendant on flights. They only have to fly places with the passengers. But I was really mistaken!” Post her experience of playing an airhostess, she adds, “My opinion completely changed while I was shooting for my film Hijack .

There is so much more meaning and responsibility attached to her job. I play an airhostess in the movie and now I understand that she is somewhere responsible for the safety of the passengers apart from ensuring their convenience. Especially in a serious crisis like a hijack, she has to be alert, calm, witty and on her toes to make sure that the others on the flight do not panic. It’s definitely not an easy task.” So is there anything that she likes about being an airhostess? “Of course!” she promptly replies. “The uniform, the poise, flying places and all the perks coming with the job!” says Esha with a smile. Well, they don’t call it a high-flying job for nothing, right?

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