I am not comfortable with nudity: Tanushree dutta

Bollywood actress, Tanushree Dutta looked hot and sizzling in her green outfit as she came to the city for a promotional activity. In middle of all the chaos, AT managed a quick chat with her.

Nana Nana Ha Re:
The incident that took place while shooting with Nana Patekar is absolutely true. It is one incident which I won’t forget. He is one of those people who behave extremely irresponsibly. I have got to know that nothing like this has ever happened in the history of Bollywood, so on a lighter note, I have created history.

Movies, masti & magic:
My current release is Rama — The Saviour with Saahil Khan and six child artists. My role in the movie is an action-oriented one. To prepare for the role, I learnt Taekwondo. My next release is an urban comedy titled Saas Bahu and Sensex which also marks the debut of Warner Bros in Bollywood. I am going to start shooting for Ashtavinayak’s next with Govinda soon.

I have a dream:
My dream role would be that of a drug addict or a psychotic woman, something on the extreme side. I am also crazy about Shah Rukh Khan and hope to work with him someday.

Skin is in:
I am alright with wearing glamourous clothes which show some skin. It is an easy way to success, but one has to draw a line and be in her limits. I can’t and won’t do a role that requires nudity, even if the character is good. I am also not comfortable doing kissing on-screen.

The ‘Item’:
I love doing item songs and will continue doing them as I don’t see any harm in appearing in one. There is a lot of recognition and even the film gets good attention. I have done a few item songs in the past and they have worked really well for me, the film and the audience, too.

Foodie Fundas:
I am a complete foodie and just can’t resist butter chicken. I have gone through an overweight phase, but am more disciplined and organised now. I hit the gym regularly and eat sensibly. Having said that, I can’t be size zero as one has to really starve to maintain that size, which in turn, is very unhealthy.

I, Me, Myself:
I am an introvert and a very private person. I love my space. But if I gel well, I am very talkative and hilarious. I was quite shy at one time but this industry has made me more confident.

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