Cheryl's tweedy X appeal

ANYONE who saw Sharon Osbourne's appearance on The Graham Norton Show last year will know that there's nothing in the way of lost love between herself and fellow X-Factor judge, Dannii Minogue. When asked by Norton about Kylie's younger sister, who had been brought on to the show by Simon Cowell to spice things up, Osbourne famously commented, "She knows she's there because of her looks, not because of her contribution to the music industry."

Osbourne, whose own contribution to the music industry is pretty dubious, then presented the presenter with her rear end, in an attempt to articulate exactly what she thought about Miss Minogue's own particular brand of beauty. It was all pretty much car-crash stuff, which no doubt helped fuel X-Factor ratings, generated plenty of press and served as an exercise in grace under pressure for Dannii Minogue. But it came as little surprise when queen bee Osbourne announced that she will not be returning for another series of the show, leaving producers with the task of finding a similarly controversial replacement.

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