Dima Bilan didn’t make a duet with Nelly Furtado

Last Sunday, the Pop-star Nelly Furtado made her first concert in Russia. It was supposed and announced that she would perform in duet with the Eurovision winner Dima Bilan. Although, the plane arrived too late in Moscow, so Bilan and Furtado didn’t have time for the rehearsals. Bilan sang alone four songs, just before Nelly’s concert.

In a recent interview, the Canadian-Portuguese singer Nelly Furtado confessed that Dima Bilan is her favourite Russian singer. That fact is not accidental: her friendship with Timbaland is linking Dima with her and also the fact that the singer was named in honour to a famous sportsman Nelly Kim. So she has a special relationship with Russia.

The concert had some problems involving the Russian rapper Timothy. "Bath of blood in Nelly’s show" titled the tabloid “Tvoi Den”. "During the only concert of the Canadian star Nelly Furtado, behind the scenes occurred some fighting’s among Russian celebrities and Nelly’s team," writes the newspaper. According to the same source, the rapper wanted to get on stage and the organizers didn't let him, because he wasn't scheduled. Dima Bilan was not involved in this scandal.

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