Udita wants to kick some ass

She was touted as the prettiest thing when she was entering Bollywood. And suddenly Udita Goswami in nowhere in sight.

The girl just hasn’t been as lucky in roles as she has been in love. While most know about her relationship with Mohit Suri, what people don’t know that the die-hard romantic is more cued to die-hard action films, so much so that she wants to do one herself.

When we met her, the girl spoke enthusiastically about bikes et al. “I could ride a bike before I could drive a car. I’m a biker chick. And can very well compete with the guys too. I should do some cool action films. I’ll be superb in them,” she candidly states.

Any director, producer wills to take her on? If nothing, it’ll at least ‘kick-start’ her career all over again.

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