Hot moms unite. Or skip it and reach for a track suit.Ali landry

he Hot Moms Club is an "empowering" organization that's open to all moms, no matter how old they are or what they look like.

That's what it says at, anyway. If you look at the Hot Moms contributors and advisory board, however, they're almost all, well, hot moms.

Celebrity Hot Moms include average schmos like Ali Landry, Natasha Henstridge, Mariska Hargitay and Courteney Cox Arquette.

Founded by ex-Nutley resident Jessica Denay, author of the "The Hot Mom's Handbook," the purpose of the club is to help moms feel good about themselves and lead more "powerful" lives via parenting tips, recipes, advice, etc. (Be careful when Googling "hot moms,'' however. Most of the results are X-rated).

The club is part of a mom hotness trend that's been flooding the PG mailboxes lately, from chick-lit novels about middle-aged flings to advice for "yummy mummies" and saucy divorcees

Part of us says yay for them. No woman wants to feel that, just because she's got kids, there's no getting sexy back.

The other part of us, the tired part, says we're too busy to join the Hot Moms Club. It looks like it requires too much time with Pilates instructors and blow dryers (and we're certainly too tired for both at the same time).

But if you're up for joining the Hot Moms Club, good luck. Hope it's "empowering." 

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