One Night out for Priyanka chopra and harman bewaja

Getting all cuddlesome at a suburban nightspot on Tuesday night was Priyanka Chopra.

No, Miss Piggy Chops wasn’t with her boyfriend Harman Baweja but with ‘Boo’, her teddy buddy whom she held close to her heart. There was a glint in her eye as she eyed the cool collection of jewellery that was in sync with her forthcoming futuristic film. Looking happy indeed was host Ankit Mehta of the jewellery brand who was joined by filmmaker Harry Baweja.

Of course, most eyes were on Priyanka Chopra with that infectious smile and easygoing manner — no starry tantrums whatsoever. The talk was on timeless love and jewellery as a piece of art that transcends time. The breezy affair by the sea, compered by Siddharth Kannan, also saw the likes of Meghna Naidu, cosmetic dentist Dr Mukul Dabholkar and spirits man Vasant Bhandari. Shenazz Nadirshah, who helped organise the evening, saw to it that things went off smoothly.

We noticed what looked like a pimple on Priyanka Chopra’s face. A smart aleck wondered whether it was a love bite.

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