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One Two Three would easily go down as the surprise success of 2008. And to think of it, this film had the unique distinction of opening to terrible reviews in all - yes ALL - sections of media. Whether it was print, online or television - the film was ripped by one and all. Called as a comedy, which had no head or tail and relied solely on gag after gag to take the story forward, One Two Three, was the easiest punching bag available for all.

However, as always, it was the audience that proved to be the final judge. The very gags that were panned turned out to be the film's strength as the comic outing eventually did turn out to be an enjoyable affair. A Sunil Shetty-Tusshar Kapoor film was an easy target for the critics to hit upon but for audience, it was the jokes coupled with the zero expectations factor that turned the tables.

Yes, the film isn't the kind which one would be most comfortable watching with the family. After all not many would be enthused by the idea of sharing large number of jokes that are centered on lingerie. So while Paresh Rawal sells lingerie on the streets of Delhi, Esha Deol is a lingerie designer, Tusshar Kapoor catches hold of a bag of lingerie, Paresh thinks of Sameera Reddy as the lingerie designer, everyone keeps bumping into each other with lingerie making an appearance now and then as well - you get the picture, right?!

In the meantime there is a foul mouthed female cop (Neetu Chandra) who has the hots for ever-so-polite MBA from Jharkhand (Sunil Shetty) Add to that a Don called Papa (Mukesh Tiwari) who is being reprimanded by his own associates to get an inverter installed since too many power cuts come in the way of giving electric shocks and you know that this is a mad comedy in the offering.

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