Alicia Silverstone: Today's HD Hottie

The 31-year-old actress, who was born in San Francisco, started modeling as a teen and quickly was cast in a series of music videos starring Aerosmith.

But her film career soon took off with roles as a teenage temptress in The Crush with Cary Elwes and the classic satire Clueless in which she plays Cher, the head brat of the pack in Beverly Hills.

Following Clueless, Silverstone stumbled a bit with roles as Batgirl in Batman & Robin (critics called her 'Fat Girl') and Excess Baggage, which she starred in and was the executive producer.

However, she has recently regained respect and some critical praise with smaller roles in such movies as Beauty Shop and in Broadway plays such as David Mamet's Boston Marriage and Speed the Plow.

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