Neha Dhupia goes backless ass for fame

You must have witnessed the glitzy music launch of Singh is Kinng, hopefully though. The star studded evening was shaded with soothing yellow and undoubtedly enough; the presence of Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif made it little more blazing.

There were stars all around and among them standing was the lack luster Julie girl Neha Dhupia, somehow lost in rows of flops and the same way lost was the back of her outfit to insist on her sleeky bare-back beauty. Though the evening passed with thought like 'touch her, touch her not', the impact of the short backless stayed longer. And that lingering thought provoked even further imaginations.

Has the beau lost her faith on her face after flops and lacking in offers for films she has grown a conceptually misconception about relying on her back! Is it that Neha wants to try out the short-cut to fame? As some of the actresses do. If she is really thinking this way then we could remind Neha, "The shorter; the Better" surely goes the way; but not for everyone and it's surely the time to close the backdoor. We hope she understood our point!

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