Bridget fonda showing huge thing in her transaprent bikini

Now Charlie Crist just got engaged to a younger, beautiful woman.

I think we have a case of Single White Governor.

You get the joke if you saw Single White Female.

Bridget Fonda takes in Jennifer Jason Leigh as a roommate. Jennifer starts turning herself into Bridget. Bridget ends up having to stab her to death with a screwdriver.

In this version, McCain throws Crist out on the street and Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink finishes him off in 2010.

How can I predict such an ending when the show is only half over and Charlie has a 60 percent approval rating with the audience?

Charlie is a political shape-shifter, a talent developed from a career of nonstop campaigning. His r�sum� includes a run for the U.S. Senate in 1998, education commissioner in 2000, attorney general in 2002, governor in 2006 and now vice president in 2008.

Throw in Amendment 1, and that is six campaigns in 10 years.

See Charlie run and run and run.

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