Celina enters the skin of her character

Celina Jaitley met a real fashion designer to bring authenticity to her character in her upcoming next, Money Hai To Honey Hai. Celina who plays a fashion designer in the film thanks her friend Rohit for introducing to the real life designer who she considers an inspiration for the role.

Celina states, "My character in the film has been sketched on a real life designer, a lady who makes her own clothes and apart from wearing the same, markets them too. But the poor lady is taken for a ride by the very same boutiques she sells her clothes to. They fool her by marketing it under their store's name label. She actually happened to be my friend Rohit's friend. Rohit introduced me to her and I got to learn the finer nuances for my character from her. So in the film, like a real designer would wear in real life I have worn a lot of vegetable prints and Khadi clothes. I have also experimented by wearing a lot of flared skirts and stone jewellery."

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