Charlize Theron: I felt totally unsexy when I was in not bra bikini role

Charlize Theron has said she doesn’t aspire to be super-skinny or the hippest fashionista in Hollywood.

She told Elle magazine recently: “I’m not super-skinny. I have curves and they belong on my body. I put on two stone for Monster but I also lost two stone when I played a woman with cancer in Sweet Sixteen.

“I hated being fat but I also hated being so thin. I went down to a size 6 and I just felt completely uncomfortable. I remember being cold and wrapping my arms around my body and feeling ribs and bone. I felt totally unsexy.

“Women have to work out what makes them feel comfortable, whether it’s about their weight or their clothes. I don’t have hang-ups about the way I look. I can see myself in the mirror when I’m all done up and think I look pretty hot. But I can see myself every day and see this round Dutch doll face.

“I couldn’t ever be a slave [to fashion]. I don’t do scruffy because I can’t do it. It doesn’t suit me. I like clean, classic looks. Just because skinny jeans are in fashion you don’t wear them if they suck on you.”

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