Nisha Kothari - happening girl in bikini chaddi n nude pic

Once upon a time Nisha Kothari was more famous as Ram Gopal Varma's discovery, but now she's making inroads in Telugu Cinema. Her first Telugu flick to hit the screens was the Balakrishna starrer Okka Magadu, since then she's appeared in a string of spiced up glamour roles.

Now her new movie Hari Om starring new-comer Sekhar, along with Madhu Sharma, is in brisk progress. She has also replaced the actress Malavika in Samrajyam, being filmed in Tamil as Karthigai, due to Malavika's pregnancy.

Known as Amoha in Tamil Cinema, this spicy hot bombshell is called Nisha across the border in Telugu Cinema. Actually, she's was born Priyanka Kothari and says that she wants to be known by her original name.

But then it's a bit late for that now Amoha/Nisha. But 'A rose is a rose by any other name.'

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