Amrita Rao’s blouse slips off

One may have witnessed many wardrobe malfunction in fashion shows but recently on the set of Anil Kapoor’s 'Short Kut' everybody got to witness another such bizarre incident when actress Amrita Rao’s choli (blouse) slipped off from her body while performing an item number with Anil.

According to the eyewitness, Amrita was performing her step when suddenly her blouse came out revealing her private assets and she was prompt to take action, she immediately covered up and rushed to her vanity van. She turned red with the incident but fitted up again and resumed the shooting. This malfunction occurred at Powai studio while shooting for the song 'Mariz-e-Mohabbat.' Amrita's attire is said to be design by famous fashion designer Manish Malhotra.

Anil Kapoor is very conscious about the reputation of his co-star and so he warned the cast and crew to keep the incident to themselves and to not leak it outside. But who can keep the media away from making juicy stories out of any succulent incident. They are quick to react.

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