Hansika Motwani: “I Am In Love with my figure"

arely 17 years of age, Hansika Motwani is quite a tough cookie to crack! Inspite of her highly diplomatic stance, we managed to make her clear few controversies surrounding her life!

Apparently you are seeing someone!
Yes, I am in love. I am in love with the camera and films.

That’s clichéd!
I’ve always wanted to be an actor! I was a child actor and since then I knew that I’ll be a part of the film industry sooner or later! Otherwise, I am single.

People are curious to know about your ‘overnight physical growth’!
I think I look my age. People who know me well know that I am very much a 17-year-old and I act like one too! I am in standard XI, have just finished my exams, I go out with my friends for movies... I don’t think I am different.

Many are of the opinion that you have gotten a tummy tuck done. Have you gone for any physical enhancements to look like a heroine?
No. I have not gone for any sort of surgeries. I am sure had I done that the signs would be seen! Besides I don’t really care what the people think.

You’ve worked with Hrithik and Preity as a child actor in Koi Mil Gaya! Have they spoken to you of late?
We’ve not met of late, neither have I received any sort of reaction from them but the production team of Koi Mil Gaya did get in touch with me to tell me how big I had become! Manoj Bajpai who is my co-star in Money Hai to Honey Hai was also shocked to see me play his heroine! I have played the role of his daughter in Jago! He had no words when he saw me! He was speechless!

Apparently you and Celina didn’t get along well during Money Hai to Honey Hai?
Celina is a sweet person to work with but frankly I have always worked in a film to work and not to make friends. I leave as soon as my work is done. I don’t known how these me checking Celina’s costumes rumour start too! Nothing of that sort has happened. I enjoyed working with Chi Chi sir (Govinda) and the entire crew of the film. They all were my seniors but I don’t really think about learning from my seniors. I just try and enjoy working with them.

What is your role in the film?
I play an actress in the film, just the way I am in real life. As the film’s title suggests, all of us are in a quest of earning money... rather doing anything for money.

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