Gregg Williams message for Brett Favre "Kill The Head & Body Will Die!

Watching Brett Favre versus the Saints in the NFC Championship game in 2010 was already brutal enough. Now we have to relive the memories. In the NFC Championship game the Saints had Brett running for his life on the field and spitting blood out of his mouth on the sidelines. After the game the imprint of Brett's helmet was still smashed against his skull. Many analyst and fans wondered that day if Brett's career was over. Whispers circled that Brett would retire after taking a serious beating by the hands of the New Orleans Saints. 

Now news has been released by the NFL that Gregg Williams had placed a bounty on the heads of opponents and that the beating Brett Farve took in the NFC Championship game was probably part of the many bounties. Gregg's actions have left an ugly "Black Eye" on what many view as a successful rejuvenated franchise. 

    Saints Message to Brett Farve left in New Orleans Westin Hotel (video)                                                  

Talk about the grind of the "dirty south" Gregg Williams is definitely the dirtiest coordinator in the game. This goes beyond the confines of the locker room this effects the professional and personal lives of NFL football players. When the story broke on ESPN the first thoughts that came to my mind was Brett Favre running for his life throwing a crucial interception and later being accused of throwing away the Vikings Super Bowl dreams. What is a football player to do when crazed athletes our after their head trying to collect a bounty?

One of the lasting moments after the games was the Vikings Post Game Press Conference when former Vikings coach Childress questioned whether Williams had crossed the line of fair play during the game. While conducting the press conference Childress had suggested that he thought Williams was possibly diagramming plays to seriously injure Brett Farve. 

The Saints bounty operation reportedly involves 22 to 28 players who conspired, acted or received funds from the bounty program. "Dog the Bounty Hunter" a adamant New Orleans Saints fan and Williams supporter was on the sidelines with the Saints during the 2009 season. Apparently “Dog was with the team to provide tips on the best way to properly injure as many opponents as possible,” said Roger Goodell. “ 

            Saints players try to collect bounty during 2009 NFC Championship (video) 

Dog a convicted felon turned bounty hunter was the guy Williams entrusted with teaching massive 300 lb Defensive Linemen the correct way to tackle a player. Maybe I am missing something here? This is more than just some 4-3 defensive scheme this is a "Hitman" operation. Where the worlds best NFL players were sitting pawns on a green chess board. 

One of the first victims unfortunately was Arizona Cardinals former Quarteback Kurt Warner. Warner was knocked out of the 2009-2010 Divisional round playoff game during the second quarter against the Saints. A few days later Warner retired.

                         Kurt Warner Retirement Hit (video) 

What will happen next. Will Commissioner Goodell and NFL League officials heavily fine the Saints 2009 coaching staff and participating players be heavily fined by the NFL? Should Gregg Williams be fined or suspended?

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