Trayvon Martin: For Trayvon Martin Justice must Outweigh the Consequences of Injustice

Racism and Injustice these two words are intertwined and woven into the fabric of America. From the beginning of the first slave ships arrival in America in 1441. 1441 was the year the first slaves were brought to Portugal from northern Mauritania. Just like every thing in life racism has a past, some people call racism a curable disease that can be treated and cured with a pill called Propranolol. Racism is not a disease that you hold in your mind. The saying racism is a disease is a metaphor for how it destroys our human society and neighborhoods pitting nation against nation, man against man.. 

 George Zimmerman their is no excuse for racism and their is not a medical chemical pill you can take to treat it. The real treatment to racism is in your heart. It starts with you, it starts with understanding that separated you are the minority but together we create the majority. Its about understanding we are in the same pot together walking on a round rotating surface here to share the gift of life. This does not call for a race war, it does not call for the nation to be apart this calls for a nation to unite against not just racism and injustice but all ism's it calls for a man taking responsibility for an act he committed and a justice system to be hold an accountable investigation.

Injustice happens when the legal system fails the people they are suppose to protect. Its when the people of the legal system step in the way not allowing the truth of justice to prevail. America is a country based on it's governing laws and constitutions. If the state of Florida can not take the proper steps to justice then  it's time to hand this off to the federal government for charges of "Hate Crime".  For Tryavon justice must outweigh the consequences of injustice.

Their must be a trial if it's self defense Zimmerman wants to claim make him prove that to the American justice system. The facts are their is a child killed on the streets of Sanford FL and their has been no investigation and Commissioners and Sheriffs are resigning stepping down and taking absence of leaves. So how deep is this case that officers stepped down from their positions, after campaigning their whole career for a life they wanted.  Several miscues have taken place in the city of Sanford in the view of the American people yet the Sheriff never scratched his head. Instead of pressing charges or starting an investigation you step down from your post. 

Zimmerman don't blame your P.E. teacher, your neighborhood babysitter, the dog, your mom or your dad. Zimmerman blame yourself don't call it a disease or try to take a pill, George your wrong. It's not the bus drivers fault or the guns fault. Guns don't kill people, people kill people. People who carry guns make decisions to safeguard their life from people like you who brandish safety weapons and misuse them the way you did when you shot Trayvon Martin. A kid who was not wearing a hoodie when your first harassed him as he walked alone on a street to his fathers house. Trayvon only donned his hoodie out of fear that a man harassing him as he walked alone to his fathers house might have bad intentions for his life. 

The reason Trayvon put on his hoodie was to shield himself from the evilness and bigotry of this world. Geraldo who's mother is of Jewish descent said Trayvon's hoodie is just as much responsible for his death than Zimmerman. Geraldo Trayvon's hoodie is not the issue just like having blonde hair and blue eyes was not the issue for your descendants. It was and it always has been the darkness of racism and injustice.  Gerald Michael Rivera;  your last name was changed to Riviera because of ethnic-ism, religion-ism and racism.  Time to break the cycle Gerald. 

We are all #Trayvon Martin!
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