Peyton Manning Enters Free Agency

The Indianapolis Colts and Jim Irsay answered the $28 million dollar question regarding Peyton Manning deciding to release Peyton from the Colts.  Releasing Peyton was one of the toughest decisions in Colts history. Peyton and the Colts convincingly came to a mutual agreement to move in separate directions. Addressing the media Peyton showed signs of emotion discussing his appreciation for the fans in Indianapolis and the Colts organization.

The next question for Peyton Manning is where he will play next? During the press conference Peyton announced that he had not thought about a destination for next season but was confident of his availability to play. Many rumors have circled with players tweeting and campaigning for Peyton to play in various locations.  From Seattle Washington to Miami Florida NFL franchises are competing for the #1 free agent in NFL history. The top NFL teams seeking the services of the all-time great and future Hall of Fame Quarterback include the Miami Dolphins, Arizona Cardinals, Seattle Seahawks and Kansas City Chiefs.

What about the NY Jets? Eli Manning, Peyton’s brother plays in New Jersey for the NY Giants and both Manning’s competing in the same city is not attractive. The thought process has to be for Peyton to play in his own market away from competing with Eli.

Questions regarding the Redskins, the real problem could be Mike Shanahan in Washington. Will Shanahan be comfortable with scraping the Redskins current offense and relinquishing control? Second do the Redskins want to go after Robert Griffin III and cement the future of the franchise? Watching the Redskins and how they handled the issue with Donovan McNabb should lead Peyton to possibly believe the Redskins are not a good fit.

Kansas City Chiefs are very intriguing; the Chiefs have the cap room and coaching staff that will allow Peyton Manning to flourish. The Chiefs have many offensive weapons running back Jamaal Charles is returning after suffering a season ending injury last season. The Chiefs also have weapons at the wide receiver position Dwayne Bowe, Jonathan Baldwin and Steve Breaston are reliable offensive weapons who could explode with the addition of Peyton Manning. Steve Breaston is one of the best slot receivers in the NFL and having big weapons at the outside wide receiver position is something Peyton can utilize. Historic Arrowhead would be a good place for Peyton to consider over the next week or two.

Seattle Seahawks and Pete Carroll have the pocket book of Paul Allen along with the cap space to make a huge splash after Peyton in free agency. Pete Carroll and John Schneider were the first NFL team to contact Peyton Manning after his release in Indianapolis. The 12th Man in the Northwest represents the loudest crowd in the NFL providing a huge advantage for Peyton Manning to win in the future. In Seattle Peyton Manning would have an entire media market that stretches from Northern California into Vancouver Canada. Seahawks have the cap space to include Reggie Wayne to making the situation comfortable for Peyton. Peyton will also have the ability to have control most of the offense with Marshawn Lynch at his disposal. “Beast Mode” and Peyton together in Century Link (C-Link) together is a site the Seahawks fans are dreaming of tonight.

Arizona Cardinals winner of 7 out of their last 9 regular season games in 2011 are looking like a prime spot for the Hall of Fame Quarterback. Cardinals have cap room and are not as strapped to Kevin Kolb as many would think. Releasing Kevin Kolb for a healthy Peyton would not be a major decision for Ken Whisenhunt and the Cards front office. Arizona will make a hard push at Peyton and the opportunity for Larry Fitzgerald to catch Sunday, Monday and Thursday night footballs from Peyton should scare the entire NFL. If Peyton is healthy and signs in Arizona expect Reggie Wayne to follow creating a tandem of Fitzgerald and Wayne at wide receiver. The fans in Arizona are rabid feasting Cardinals who can be just as loud as the fans in Seattle. Southwest media market of 1.881 million and the Arizona weather will provide Peyton with a good home.

Miami Dolphins might be the favorite landing spot for Peyton next season. Reggie Wayne is eager to keep Peyton from charting a plane out of Florida. Reggie Wayne might be the biggest selling point here in Miami. Peyton and Wayne have been working out in South Florida. When Peyton departed Indianapolis after his last press conference as a Colt he flew back to Florida. This is a big sign that Peyton feels comfortable in South Beach. Peyton also has a home in the Miami area. On the football side of things the sun has not shine brighter in Miami since the days of Dan Marino. Reggie Bush has turned into a every down back and Brandon Marshall is a NFL top 5 wide receiver. If the only knock against Miami is the fact Tom Brady plays in the same division think again. Peyton never backs away from Tom when it comes to competition.

Outside of Seattle and Arizona the biggest decision for Peyton might be rather to compete against his brother Eli or his arch nemesis Brady. Over the next week or two rumors will continue to swirl until Peyton picks his final NFL destination. What team do you think Peyton will sign with?


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