Seattle Seahawks: Marshawn Lynch “Beast Modes” His Way to New Contract in Seattle

Marshawn Lynch the “Beast Mode” of the NFL has been rewarded a new 4yr $31 million contract ($18 million guaranteed). Many sports media heads nationwide are curious of Marshawn Lynch. They question whether the Seahawks contract offer is worth too much money for a player who continually runs with aggression.

Sports media enthusiast were anxious to put together a new article to cover the story are misprinting Marshawn Lynch’s per carry average. Providing wide range misquotes and misinformed stats. One article by Bleacher Reporter “Matt Smith” reported Marshawn as only averaging 4.0 yards per carry once over his career. What?

Marshawn Lynch has averaged over 4.0 yards per carry for 4 seasons in the NFL. Beast Mode is durable he is the new face of the Seahawks franchise and he is the Seahawks new franchise running back. Some in the Seattle area are still skeptical about offering huge contracts to running backs but the time has come to move on from the past.

Marshawn Lynch represents the future, present and not so distant past of the Seahawks franchise. He ran over the “Bounty Hunter Sheriff Gregg Williams” and the Saints defense to provide a moment of seismic proportions in the 2010-2011 NFC Wild Card game.
When the Seahawks season was stuck in neutral and falling backwards during the 2011 NFL regular season Lynch talked to Assistant coach/ offensive line coordinator Tom Cable. Marshawn wanted to go “Beast Mode” he wanted to become a better running back after that meeting Lynch ran after the Seahawks record books recording 11 straight games with a TD. Scoring the only rushing TD against the San Francisco 49ers vaunted and revamped defense during the 2011 regular season.

Marshawn earned his new contract and is committed to being one of the strongest running backs the NFL has ever seen. Seahawks new contract for the 25 year old Marshawn is 4 years and expires at the crucial age of 29. For the next 4 years Skittles will be raining in the end zone of C-Link and the slogan “Taste The Beast Mode” will be printed in newspapers. The Seattle area now has a new forecast on NFL football Sunday’s or whenever Lynch touches the football “Skittles with a chance of rain”.

Most importantly the contract holds “Beast Mode” in Seattle for the primary stages of Lynch’s career and allows the Seahawks to concentrate on Red Bryant. For national sports media folks and sports fans if you don’t know about Red Bryant or believe in Marshawn Lynch “you gonna learn today”- Comedian Kevin Hart

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