Sanford Florida: Trayvon Martin the Kid in the Hoodie

Usually I just write about sports on my blog site but the news about Trayvon Martin has really sunk into my chest. Trayvon Martin a 17 year old kid who decided to leave his home and to go to the store in his neighborhood to buy a Arizona tea and a bag of Skittles. Was recently killed, racially profiled by a neighborhood watch member in his fathers community just a few steps from his home. George Zimmerman a Mexican chose to follow a child walking in Sanford Florida prior to watching NBA All Star weekend.

Trayvon noticed Zimmerman following him and because Trayvon felt uncomfortable with the stranger following him he decided to put on his hoodie. Trayvon could feel the danger of the individual following him so he chose to put on his hoodie and instead of drawing attention to the situation for fear of making it worst hoped that if he just swiftly walked home the stranger would stay away. When the stranger disappeared Trayvon thought he was safe but Zimmerman the neighborhood watch guy decided to play the role of the wolf. Instead of calling the police Zimmerman chose to take action into his own hands. ( The Reason Trayvon thought Zimmerman disappeared was because Zimmerman left to grab his gun) Giving Trayvon a false hope of security Zimmerman reappeared out of the shadows and he killed Trayvon.

Zimmerman claims that young Trayvon looked suspicious because he was carrying a can of Arizona Tea and a bag of Skittles. Right now Mr. Zimmerman is sitting at home eating a bag of popcorn and probably reading this blog article. Mr. Zimmermans actions and the lack of action by the Justice Department in Florida is a true slap in the face of the American people. Rights to life has been violated, a child has been killed outside of his home because he was afraid. He was worried that a stranger following him had bad attentions and he was right. The killing of Trayvon is premeditated murder and a criminal sits at home.

I would be doing myself and Trayvon an injustice if I didn't use my site to continue to bring an extra heart and mind to this injustice. The really sad part is that African Americans continue to live under this poisonous cloud of racism. Racial profiling by those carrying weapons continuing to rape and kill the African American community raped of our fathers, sons, daughters and mothers. A day has to come where our fathers and sons are no longer killed and daughters and mothers no longer raped by racism.

For the Trayvon movement I stand together with asking everyone to update their Twitter or Facebook avi/ profile pic to a pic of you wearing a hoodie for Trayvon because in the end we are all Trayvon Martin. We are all human beings and when injustice of this magnitude takes place we must all band together in unity. We must band together to correct our justice system and protect our communities, neighborhoods and street corners from the disease and tyranny of racism and social injustice.

Feel free to leave a message below for comments or contact me on Twitter in regards to this matter!/JMCSPORTSBOOK

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