2012 NBA Playoffs Opening Weekend: Wild, Crazy and Unpredictable

When it comes to the NBA playoffs the journey of a champion is a destiny unknown. Warriors battling on a hardwood floor is tales of folklore. Men battling for the one opportunity to be the best and race to that finish line we all call the NBA Finals.

During the NBA Playoffs arguments become testy, emotions take more rides than a 15 yr old at an amusement park. Every player eager to showcase their knowledge, skill and athletic talents against the worlds best competitors. NBA playoff moments are more memorable than an 82 or 66 game regular season. The playoffs represent the moment when "Boy's become Men" Earvin becomes Magic, Bird becomes Legend, Michael Jordan turns into Greatness and Kobe becomes the Black Mamba. What's success, beyond success, beyond success Michael Jordan winning the 1998 NBA Finals.

NBA playoffs is the time of year when Linkin Park's "Burn it Down" blares in the speakers and Kanye West (2011 playoff theme) "All of The Lights" goes full stage. Regular season excuses get "Burned" and all that matters from late April until mid June is winning.

The 2012 NBA Playoffs has already provided Wild, Crazy and Unpredictable moments and terrible tragedies. Playoff atmosphere started April 22nd the weekend before the NBA playoffs when the Los Angeles Lakers hosted the Oklahoma City Thunder.During the game Metta World Peace landed a vicious elbow on the side of James Hardens head and the NBA script continues to be unpredictable.

Opening weekend began with a tragic phantom injury to 2011 NBA MVP Derrick Rose possibly the most unexplained disappointing injury in NBA playoff history and an emotional buzzer beater by Kevin Durant over the outstretched arms of Shawn Marion and the 2011 defending NBA Champion Dallas Mavericks. L.A. Lakers Andrew Bynum registered 10 Blocks against the Denver "midgets" Nuggets in a historic performance becoming only the second player in playoff history to record at least 10pts, 10rebs and 10 blks in a NBA playoff game. Boston Celtics Rajon Rondo found his inner Kevin Hart chest bumping referee Marc Davis. Then in a late night affair the Memphis Grizzlies totally collapsed like a "ton of bricks" against the Los Angeles Clippers blowing a 27 point lead.

With all of the mayhem already displayed during the 2012 NBA playoffs and the condensed pressure of the 66 game regular season schedule life in the NBA has become incalculable. Thus the Miami Heat are still the heavy odd on favorite to represent the Eastern Conference in the 2012 NBA Finals and the Western Conference continues to be a toss up between the Associations best NBA teams. So after a Wild, Crazy and Unpredictable opening playoff weekend full of mayhem, who will when the NBA Finals??

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