Washington Huskies: Tony Wroten Declares for NBA Draft

University of Washington freshman player Tony Wroten declares for NBA Draft and will decide to hire an agent. Declaring or checking into the draft is one thing but hiring an agent leaves him with no choice but to move forward toward his NBA career. The real question NBA insiders and fans need to be asking is can Tony Wroten a player who is projected as an unfinished raw product successfully make the leap from college to NBA.

Wroten's game is explosive his athletically gifted. Last season Tony was awarded Pac-12 freshman of the year honors while averaging 16 pts, 5 rebs, 4 ast and 2 stls per game. Over the years Washington has produced some of the best young Point Guards and Shooting Guards to grace the NBA Nate Robinson, Brandon Roy, and Isaiah Thomas have been phenomenal. 

As a Seattle/Tacoma native I remember Isaiah Thomas and Nate Robinson as kids. Isaiah Thomas aunt and my mother were close friends. I even worked for his grandmother cleaning local area apartments. So I love the talent of our local area products and I give my full support to Seattle area athletes. Many here in the Atlanta area call me a homer because of my Seattle area passion.

The difference between Nate Robinson, Isaiah Thomas and Tony Wroten is Nate and Isaiah waited past their freshmen years. They developed a body of work while playing at UW leaving college as more developed and polished athletes.Brandon Roy was an all pro top 5 athlete when he entered the draft in 2006.  Roy was named Pac-10 player of the year and received All-American honors at the end of the season, while also being a finalist for the WoodenNaismithOscar Robertson, and Adolph Rupp awards. Wroten well he is more famous for the free throws he missed during the first Pac-12 tournament game in UW history. The missed free throws were not unusual Wroten was only a 58.3% free throw shooter during his short stint at Washington. 

Especially when your as talented and gifted as Wroten, if he stayed and polished his skills while in college he has a chance at rewriting Washington Husky history and creating a lottery type draft pick position in the 2013 NBA Draft. I wish Tony Wroten all the best in his career, it takes a lot of work to get to the top of the Mount Rainier and if he keeps working on his RAW talent he can be a great player. If you end up playing for the Atlanta Hawks i'll be the reporter in the locker room with the Tony Wroten UW jersey on. I just believe in one more year for the Seattle area native turning pro. 

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