Seattle Seahawks 2012 NFL Draft: Shock Draft Experts and Select Bruce Irvin

Seattle Seahawks 2012 NFL draft was excellent, yes I disagree with nationwide sports analyst and their criticism of the Seahawks top pick. At the start of the 2012 NFL Draft Seahawks only had six draft picks but wisely completed a draft day deal with the Philadelphia Eagles to move back three positions from #12 to #15. Why did the Seahawks move back three positions because the three players the Seahawks were targeting in the first round were still available. Moving back three spots the Seahawks still had a shot at their targeted 2012 pre-draft picks while adding two more additional draft picks.

A little recent history since John Schneider and Pete Carroll arrived in Seattle the franchise has rebuilt on the strength of the draft and through free agency. Schneider and Carroll are top evaluators of prospected NFL talent examples include Brandon Browner, Richard Sherman, Russell Okung, Doug Baldwin, K.J. Wright, Kam Chancellor and Earl Thomas. Carroll was the brain that believed in Red Bryant, when Bryant thought his career was coming to a close in Seattle. One thing the new Seahawks regime in has shown us is to never doubt the brain trust or the Chess moves on the board.

Drafting Bruce Irvin was a genius move in hindsight, yes he has had some issues in the past with school and some boneheaded decision making. Bruce Irvin's past history stands out like a sore thumb but the man never gave up he keeps pushing despite his academic failures he took strides to complete his G.E.D. and never gave up on attending college. Sometimes as humans we tend to focused on others individual past problems so much that we discredit and ignore the effort it takes for a person to overcome those issues. Overcoming the issues and problems build character.

Coming into West Virginia Bruce Irvin was touted as a possible Big East defensive player of the year his expectations were high. Pete Carroll looked at recruiting Irvin to USC so the young fella has talent and a history with the Seahawks head coach. As an OLB Irvin produces 4.5 speed and his skill set compliments the missing piece in the Seahawks defense. Irvin not only has the capability to play OLB but has the intangibles to lineup on the line at DE and bring a tremendous pass rush off the edge.

After the draft Schneider acknowledged that the Seahawks thought about moving back in the draft for a second time "We thought about doing it again," Schneider said. "We just didn't want to get too cute. This guy is just too special of a football player." Whispers about the New York Jets looking to possibly draft Irvin made it into the Seahawks draft room and Schneider made the move. ESPN's Skip Bayless mentioned that every time he watched a WVU game last season Irvin kept sacking him in his seat at home flying off the television screen to hit a quarterback.

As analyst and so called Mock Draft experts "cough" Christian Fauria point and criticize the Seahawks draft. We also point and criticize the draft experts for missing out on Bruce Irvin. Bruce welcome to the #12thMan welcome to Seattle home to the loudest stadium on the planet the best fans in the world. We know why Schneider, Carroll and the Seahawks brass drafted you now shock the world.

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