Wale Bets ESPN Skip Bayless

On Monday April 23rd Wale appeared on ESPN First Take. Wale got caught in a fiery bet argument with Skip Bayless. Of course the disagreement was over Skip's favorite all time player the loveable Tim Tebow. Wale not a big fan of Tebow said he would cut his hair if Tebow started six or more NFL games during the 2012-2013 season.

Really Wale betting the Lord of Tebowmania Skip Bayless. Rex Ryan and the Jets traded for Tebow with the impression of Tebow challenging Sanchez for the starting QB position. Ryan is so gushed on Tebow most reports out of New York have Tebow taking the reigns of the Jets offense by game 4 of the regular season. Hugh Douglas former NFL player and ESPN analyst predicts " Tebow starts by game 4".

So how long will it take for Rex Ryan and the New York Jets to choose Tebow as the #1 Quarterback of the franchise. Wale predicts regular season game 12 week 13 versus the Arizona Cardinals as the earliest possible NY JETS Tebow start. While Wale is a knowledgeable sports fan and enthusiast betting against Tebow is a long shot.  Any game before that and it's snip snip for Hip Hop artist Wale and his locks. 

I can hear Tebow and Skip right now turning on the clippers, brushing off the barber chair and cutting Wale's hair on ESPN First Take during the 2012 NFL season.

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