New York Jets: Antonio Cromartie refuses Major Reality TV Deal Starring his 10 Children

Sometime athletes make bad  financial decisions that makes Wall Street executives in New York scratch their heads. This week in the first introduction of MAN UP! we uncover a story regarding New York Jets CB Antonio Cromartie.  Antonio Cromartie age 28 has fathered 10 children and recently blocked a TV production featuring his 10 children and their mothers. 

The show was designed so the children who live in New Jersey, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Texas and California could get to spend time with each other and show family unity. The mothers of the children came up with the idea but Cromartie refuses to allow his children on television. One of the mothers Ryan Ross from Los Angeles exclaimed “I love it,” Ross said of the proposed TV show. “Our kids need to know who their siblings are. It’s bigger than our past with Antonio. It’s about our children.” Cromarties baby mama's claim they need the extra money generated by the program for financial help with the children. The mothers of Cromarties children act as 'Support Group" sharing their problems and venting to one each other. 

Records show Cromartie currently pays $3,500 to each mother except one. In March of 2010 Cromartie paid $500,000 to clear up paternity issues regarding his children. In a 2010 interview via Hard Knocks Antonio was asked by the camera crew how many children he sired and their names and well, he forgot. He forgot the names of his 10 Cromarties. 

The truth is Cromartie is not a dead beat father he takes time through out the year to spend time with his children. No court orders for arrears exist and he pays his child support. So your wondering how many baby mothers does Antonio have involved in the lives of his 10 Children? 8. Two from his wife Terricka and 8 from, well I posted a family collage below. I refuse to type all 7 names maybe next time Antonio should just walk around with a wallet size list of his baby mothers and children. 

New York Sports Media: So Antonio Cromartie #31 how many children do you currently have?

Antonio Cromartie: Did you just ask how many children? well take a card their all listed.. Next question?

Antonio Cromartioe and Terricka News Update:  A day after reports circulated about Cromartie canceling a Family TV reality show.  The Cromarties are now expecting twins. That will bring the total number of Children to a Grand Total of 12. Oh boy hope he keeps the family picture card list handy. Teens and adults let this be a reminder to #WrapItUp! 

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