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I received my championship t-shirt this morning from my friends at yep that's me champion once again. So now I possess Yahoo!,, and championships. Yes that's right I am one of the best. The greatest fantasy player of all time, okay we'll maybe not that great. I am not in the Fantasy Sports Trade Association Hall of Fame or anything but somebody please tell Megan Van Petten I am ready for my close up.

On a more serious note, I would really like to thank the guys at My Fantasy League for the cool t-shirt. This is one shirt I am putting in my office. Many sports fans don't know fantasy sports has been around since early 1950's first started by Bill Weikenbach when he started Superior Tile Summer Invitational Homerun Tournament. In August 1963, he had the first draft of the GOPPPL – the Greater Oakland Professional Pigskin Prognosticators league. Over the last 60 years Millions of fans, athletes, and celebrities have participated in Fantasy Baseball, Hockey, Football, Basketball you name a sport it has a fantasy component. 

I doubt fantasy pioneer Bill Weikenbach had any idea that a game he created would have so much appeal to sports fans world wide. Personally I would like to thank him along with Rotoworld and STATS LLC for keeping us up to date with fantasy news and updates. True pioneers of the game know that in today's digital high tech world you don't have to buy a store magazine to get the news on the latest athletes or injuries thanks to Rotoworld. STATS LLC provides most of the up to date live scores and stats you see today on major sports websites. 

Charlie Weigert is today's fantasy sports pioneer. His the reason fantasy operating sites were granted the right to use player names and statistics in their games without having to pay rights fees to the leagues involved. Court case  CBC Distribution and Marketing  v. Major League Baseball Advanced Media. True heroes, true inventors, true fantasy games, played by real people. 

If you have a fantasy league and looking for an extra member feel free to comment to this post and leave a message or contact me on Twitter @jmcsportsbook!/JMCSPORTSBOOK

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