Earvin Johnson: Creating new Magic with the Los Angeles Dodgers and the urban community

Magic Johnson is one of the most inspirational humans in the world. Magic's acts of humanity and community building has touched the lives of millions in the United States and around the globe. In a world were most of our athletes are heavily criticized for poor business and community efforts Magic Johnson often displays a healthy alternative to negate the athlete stereotypes. 

Magic is a natural perfectionist a leader and a winner in every aspect of his business and professional career. For years Magic has been busy with efforts to revive of some Americas most hard hit communities by creating jobs and offering college scholarship programs to local residents. The Magic Johnson Foundation started in 1991 has had a significant impact in Americas urban communities in Detroit, Los Angeles, Atlanta and through out the United States. The foundations motto "we are the communities we serve" not only speaks of the foundations efforts in the communities but unites the foundation with the communities they serve. 

Most recently Magic took his community leadership and business savvy personality to new heights, helping front a group of new owners in purchasing the Los Angeles Dodgers. The proud new owner of the Dodgers once the face of the NBA is now a Major League Baseball owner. 

Now for those wondering how this will play out, remember Magic doesn't touch a single project with out putting forth his best effort. His more than just a baseball owner his a fan of the game. Opening day Magic watched Matt Kemp hit a two run home run and could barely contain himself after the home run bomb the new owner peaked his head into the dugout to congratulate Matt Kemp. "The Dodgers have their Kobe, and his name is Matt Kemp" he said.

In today's buzz of social media Magic is not only a social icon but he is also a professional never asked to pull up his pants, straighten his tie, wear a belt or proper dress shoes. Magic is more than just a sports icon his a leader, mentor and role model for young entrepreneurs. Earvin's "Magic" moments on the court may have created a sports icon but since 1991 it's been Earvin Johnson's efforts off the court in local communities and classrooms that has made him a mentor and role model.  

Magic Johnson Foundation:

• In 2011 the Magic Johnson Foundation began to celebrate their 20th anniversary
• To date the Taylor Michaels Scholarship program has provided over 350 youth with resources and support
• By year’s end 2011 our Community Empowerment Centers (CECs) will have impacted over 245,000 disadvantaged youth
• The CECs have provided direct services to over 250,000 students in 16 urban markets
• CECs have awarded over $3 million dollars in hardware and software grants
• CECs Awarded over $250K in online learning scholarships
• The CECs have hosted over 300 students at Technology Boot camps
• CECs have improved the Academic Performance of over 6,500 youth
• Through the “I Stand with Magic” campaign over 89,000 people have signed up in the online campaign fight against HIV/AIDS 
• Through the "I Stand with Magic" campaign, the Magic Johnson Foundation has provided free HIV/AIDS testing to more than 38,000 Americans in 16 major cities. Additionally, the program has educated nearly 280,000 people about HIV, risk factors associated with the disease and the importance of HIV testing 
• Since 2003 our partnership with AIDs Healthcare Clinics has tested over, 3,750 adults and identified positive results for over 1000 testers 
• The Magic Johnson Foundation Annual Kid’s Mardi Gras started in 1997 has hosted over 16,500 disadvantaged urban youth 
• The Magic Johnson Foundation Annual Holiday Party has hosted over 45,000 youth and distributed over 300,000 toys since 1994

Magic Johnson Foundation website: http://magicjohnson.com/foundation/

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