Orlando Magic: Dwight Howard new "Barnum Bailey" NBA Sports Media Clown!

Dwight "let your light so shine" Howard. Has become a NBA  media circus the once loved and respected Howard is now turning into selfish enemy #1. When Drafted in 2004 Dwight Howard made several comments including this one "I want to use my NBA career and Christian Faith to raise the name of God within the league and around the world"

Over the past two weeks Dwight Howard's initial 2004 draft statement has become the skeleton of a man once respected. One should never question the faith of an individual but actions and statement can be judged. Working back doors to get your coach fired, publicly demanding trades and looking for ways to undermine the Orlando Magic front office are not signs of one looking to spread the light. "What Would Tebow Do? Yes, I interjected the name of Tebow into an NBA article sue me"  The 2011-2012 NBA season for the self proclaimed Superman has been everything short of Super.

It's understandable that a NBA player, NFL player or any professional athlete would look to control their destiny and career goals. Unfortunately the world of sports is now a business full of Commissioners, Executives, CEO's, Owners, Managers and all of the above. The latest tirade an actions of Howard has been everything but professional time to grow up!

It's true Howard is not the first player to openly want an NBA coach fired or ask for a trade. Magic Johnson the Los Angeles Lakers Legend once demanded a trade during the 1981-1982 season which led to the firing of Westhead and the eventual promotion of Pat Riley to Lakers head coach.  In that situation Magic Johnson had already won a NBA Finals championship and NBA Finals MVP as a rookie in 1980. That argument was based on making the Lakers better and winning multiple championships in L.A., Magic had already signed a 25 year, $25 million contract to be with the Lakers for his career longevity. Dwight has done none of the above.

Orlando Magic fans, coaches and front office has been disrespected and strung along for a ride by a player who's light has tuned dark. Dwight acknowledge before a potential trade to the Los Angeles Lakers that if traded he would not resign his contract thus the Lakers would have traded Andrew Bynum to rent Howard for a few months. That comment was never picked apart or examined properly this is a statement by a player shunning the Lakers! The franchise of champions and NBA greats Wilt Chamberlain, Jerry West, Elgin Baylor, Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, James Worthy, Shaquille O'neal and Kobe Bryant.

Dwight Howard is all about Dwight Howard stealing nicknames "Superman" before the real Superman retired, wanting coaching fired, running your franchise in circles over a contract, and disrespecting great organizations. Maybe I am too harsh but Dwight Howard is now the media sports clown for Barnum Bailey!

If  Howard's desires is in  Brooklyn then he should go but don't bury the Orlando Magic franchise, fans and coaches while half-heartedly committing to a 1 yr contract out of fear people won't like you..

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