Shabazz Muhammad: Las Vegas Bishop Gorman athlete "Pick of the Litter"?

     Shabazz Muhammad a victim of the new CBA will be taking his talents to the NCAA next season. Shabazz is a Las Vegas NV talent who is without question the best High School prospect this year. In a recent short interview Shabazz exclaimed how he wish he had the option to enter the NBA draft out of high school. The 2012 Mc Donalds All American represents the next era of NBA players after LeBron James who looks to change the landscape of basketball. Shabazz is a dominate force inside, outside, bounce pass, iso "you name" it Shabazz has the ability to do it.

For the past two years I have been keeping an eye on Shabazz's playing abiity and in court decision making, Shabazz is by far a top athlete. Shabazz's freshmen season attending Bishop Gorman and playing for the Gaels he averaged 12pts and 6rebs. Shabazz's athlteic stretching ability has earned him the nickname "Plastic Man" but the Las Vegas area Point Guard is more than athletic. The Gales star also has a sense of mind and presence with the basketball in his hands not scared to pass to a teammate for an open three pointer. On April 8th 2012, Shabazz set a Nike Hoop Summit world record with 35pts. He scores, rebounds, dunks, blocks shots but also has the mental capacity to breakdown a defense and execute with the ball in his hands.

Their is no such thing as a sure bet in sports but since were talking about a Las Vegas athlete. Imagine sitting down at Bally's with a mean poker play in your hands, well Shabazz is a "Double Down". The kid is as close of a sure bet coming out of High School as Moses Malone, Shawn Kemp, Kobe Bryant or LeBron James. NBA scouts can't contact Shabazz now but if I was a GM I am watching him closely even before he chooses what college to attend.

When your this good and your the "pick of the litter" (hint...) you decide what program you attend and that can be a hard decision at times. Rumors are circulating many reports read "Shabazz is considering Duke, Kentucky and UCLA" others mention UNLV. Shabazz admits Kentucky winning the National Championship has provided a great influence to his upcoming decision. Shabazz say's he wants to do more than go to college his goal is to win a National Championship he wants to make an impact. Shabazz understand legacy building and understands creating a right path. So on April 11th Shabazz Muhammad the best bet at the table will decide to either be a Blue Devil, Wildcat, or Bruin.   It's Coach K vs. Coach Calipari its stay close to home (UCLA) or be daring and leave the comforts of the West Coast and head East. The only sure bet is that this won't be the last time you read the name Shabazz Muhammad.

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